Sunday, 16 January 2011

What I've Learned This Week

Today more or less marks the end of my first week of aggressively attempting to blog for profit. Here's what I've learned.

You'll be surprised where your traffic comes from.
The internet is global - obviously. But I figured that an English-language blog about football betting tips would mostly attract traffic from the UK. Wrong. The majority of the site's traffic has come from Singapore, closely followed by the United States. I've actually gotten more German traffic than British!

Forums are a great way to draw interest to your blog.
I posted a link to this post on Constant Content article pricing strategy over at the Constant Content forums. It's helped that article be easily the most-read on this site, and it's also earned me a backlink from Celeste Stewart's blog.

Triond can be useful for more than just the money you make directly from Triond.
A couple of times this week I've spent a 'power hour' speedily churning out articles for Triond. My earnings for this month so far? A grand total of $0.07. However, I realized a couple of the articles I wrote were on topics that had some value, so I rewrote them in a much more professional style - being careful not to repeat myself or self-plagiarize, so that I could legitimately offer full rights on these articles - and have since managed to sell them on Constant Content. I've also used a number of articles I wrote about football to drive traffic to The Accumulator. I've attempted to generate sales of some products that offer affiliate commission, so far without success.

Your blog posts have value beyond your blog.
The Accumulator is plastered in ads for betting sites but still hasn't generated any direct income. That's okay, the blog's only a week old. I have realized, however, that a few of the blog posts have potential beyond the site itself. For example, I've submitted this post to E-Zine Articles, with a link to the blog included. It hasn't been accepted yet, but I'll let you know if it generates any income. I've also offered usage rights on this article at Constant Content, an idea which has the potential to help your better posts generate you some money from other web sites.

Post as often as possible.
This blog isn't even being updated daily, but that's because it's not my primary focus right now. I've updated The Accumulator about three times a day, which I'm sure has already helped generate extra traffic and may well have encouraged people to return to the site on a regular basis. Don't worry about your better posts being lost in the avalanche of updates - just add a popular posts widget on the right if you're using Blogger and occasionally link back to those posts in your updates.

Being an iTunes affiliate is hard work.
I've had real trouble getting the links to iTunes to work from my music blogs (cut|cross and ...Are Fucking Dead), hence why only update them once. I do plan on creating some kind of music blog that'll be updated fairly regularly, but I haven't quite hit on the right idea yet.

Micro Niche Finder sounds like a hell of a tool.
I can't afford it at the moment, but some of the strategies on their site sound like a great way to blog for profit. Of course, they offer affiliate income for anyone you refer who buys the product. So if you follow this link you can help yourself and myself on the road to massive amounts of internet monies! Click Here!

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