Monday, 10 January 2011

My Blogging Monetization Strategy

My aim is that this blog becomes a chronicle of my journey towards a post I hope to write in a couple of months time, 'Why Getting a Job is for Idiots'. Until that time, what I produce within this blog will slowly take form as either as a sure-fire step-by-step plan towards online fortune or a chronicle of the pitfalls on the way to chronicle failure. Either way, its contents will hopefully be somewhat illuminating.

A week or so's research has led me to believe that my strategies for each of the blogs that I'm starting out should be the right ones. On this blog I'm going to comment on how the others are fairing. This is sort of a behind the scenes metablog.

The Esplinade Chronicle
This is the oldest blog still viewable on my Blogger profile. There are older and earlier attempts at creating one of these things, but they've all been consigned to the Blogger graveyard of 'hidden' status.

It's the least monitization-conscious thing you'll find on my Blogger profile. It's a wild episodic sci-fi thing, heavily influenced by Stieg Larsson (as eagle-eyed idiots will notice from the characters names), James Joyce (in as far as its pretentiously trying to do something original - I studied English, remember) and William Burroughs (he threw the pages of Naked Lunch up in the air when he'd finished the book - I've written the blog in a completely unchronological order, basically so that if you stumble across it at any point, it won't matter what order you read it in).

I've added to this very infrequently and have done anything with it for a while. If any of the other blogs attract much traffic, presumable some will be deflected over there, which may lead to me carry on with it.

I have learned one thing from that blog that will be of some use as I try and S.E.O. the others to death. I added a link on the Wikipedia entry for Esplanade to the blog, under the 'Esplanades in Fiction' section. That seems to have pushed it to the very top of the Google ranks for 'Esplinade Chronicle'. The link was swiftly removed by a Wikibot, but the S.E.O. damage has been done.

The Etymology Blog
Another pre-monetization drive effort that's been infrequently updated for a couple of months now, the basic idea behind this one is that it contains comically incorrect histories of words and phrases. Same with the Esplinade Chronicle - hoping that this scheme of mine is going to somehow help this one do something or other. I'll probably try and update this once or twice a week. Probably.

The Accumulator
Now this is all about the monies. This is a blog about football betting that I'm going to absolutely plaster in affiliate links to gambling web sites. I aim to update this twice or thrice daily. I'm going to add a blog entry here soon about what I've so far learned about the various affiliate schemes available for monetizing this type of blog, once I've heard back from the majority of schemes which I've applied for. Incidentally, these boys got back to me first.

I was surprised to find that no other blog in the apparent free-for-all of gambling blogs had snapped up ''. A Google search suggests there's not to much else showing up that's relevant when you search for 'the accumulator', so we'll see if I can take on the rankings.

I wanted to do a music blog because music is something I really enjoy writing about. It doesn't hurt that there are affiliate schemes available with iTunes and Amazon that allow you to naturally tie ungodly levels of advertising in with your content.

I listen to a lot of different music and if I allowed the blog to become as diffuse as I pleased, it'd be veering about between genres with the schizophrenic abandon of a James Joyce novel. I've been writing and hawking content over at Constant Content for a couple of months, and notice a little while ago that there was a request for content for a blog dedicated to cover versions of Disney songs. It may sound an insanely esoteric niche, but if you decide to Google it, I promise it'll take you no time at all to discover that blog. So I've decided upon a concept for the blog that'll allow to flit from hardcore punk to hip-hop to minimal techno to whatever else without the blog becoming something completely unfocused. Basically, it's going to exclusively be about music that reinterprets other music - remixes, cover versions, etc.

I'll let you know how I get on.

How to Make Money Online and Blog Trying
The circle is complete. Right here and let you know all that I know, and expose all that I don't, about my desperate quest to make a fast buck on the internet.

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