Friday, 14 January 2011

Make Money from Online Sports Betting Affiliates and Referral Schemes

My first serious attempt at making money online through blogging is going to be creating a blog dedicated to providing football betting tips. This type of blog should tie itself in with monetization incredibly easily, as every time you provide a betting tip, you can provide a link to a betting site, who'll give you commission on any bets that are then placed.

I spent a bit of time searching for affiliate and referral schemes from online gaming, gambling and betting web sites and didn't come across the information anywhere near as quickly as I expected to. This hopefully means that there's a real gap in the internet for this blog post, which will drive more traffic here and to my newly set-up football betting tips blog, and wind up making these schemes extra-profitable!

What I've discovered is that most betting web sites have an affiliates link hidden away in the small print at the bottom of their web sites. These are some of the sites that I've applied to work with, along with some information about the incentives that they offer.

PLEASE NOTE: This information was correct when it was written but is liable to change at ANY time. PLEASE CHECK ALL FIGURES FOR YOURSELF at the appropriate web site as I have absolutely no power over what level of commission any of these companies will offer you.

bet365 offer one of the best commission structures of any gaming site - you get a flat 30% cut of everything someone you've recommended spends on the site, forever. Whilst I've been looking at what other football betting blogs are about, I discovered that Gooner's Guide review a number of big name betting sites. Surprise surprise, they rank bet365 at number one. I'm pretty sure I'll be linking especially heavy to this site over at The Accumulator as well.

As well as offering better commission than any other affiliate scheme, they also approved my application on the same day that I applied. They should be one of the easiest to drive traffic towards as well, as they offer to match first bets up to a value of £200, which is a lot higher than the typical £20-odd free bet most online bookmakers offer.

Bet Fair
Bet Fair give you two options on how you would like your commission to be measured. The first is Revenue Share, which provides you with a percentage of everything that the people you've referred bet at the site. This is for the lifetime of their account with bets in the Poker, Casino and Games categories, but only for the first 12 months when they're betting on Sports. The amount you receive rises from 25% to 35%, depending on the amount of money your referrals are generating for them.

The second option is CPA, which they describe as offering you a 'one off bounty payment'. You'll receive between £30 and £60 per player you get to sign up, with the amount rising with more referrals, and the Casino category paying out a higher amount than all the others.

As my blog will be entirely dedicated to sports betting and these seems like the worst served by the Revenue Share scheme, I've decided to opt for the CPA option. I'll update this blog with information on how that's worked out once I start making some money through it!

This affiliate scheme approved my application much more quickly than any of the others. Whilst most require you to wait for a couple of days before giving you the thumbs up, Bet Fair got back to me within a couple of hours!

Similarly to Bet Fair, Ladbrokes offers you the choice of a revenue share or bounty payment scheme. However, it states that the bounty scheme is 'subject to approval' and it seems here that the revenue share scheme is the easier option.

Ladbrokes will offer you between 25% and 35% of all net revenue generated from customers you refer, with you needing to generate £20,001 to hit the top rate of commission. They are careful to specify that you will only get a cut of your customer's losses. I haven't noticed this as specifically mentioned on any of the other affiliate schemes, but it may well be the case with all of them. A bit of problem when my blog's supposed to advise people on how to bet successfully! (Though I haven't got off to the best of starts with that!)

At the time of writing, Ladbrokes also offer an incentive whereby you get a whopping 50% cut of net revenue from customers that you refer to the site during your first month as an affiliate. Best to hit the ground running with this one!

Online Betting Guide
This was one of the first sites I came across while Googling terms like 'sports betting affiliates' and 'make money gambling referral schemes'. The site compares odds across a range of betting web sites and also offer cash prizes for fantasy football competitions. You get paid for referring new members to join their site, earning yourself commission that ranges between £1 and £2, depending on how many you've managed to refer. To earn the top rate of £2 per new member, you need to refer 200 or more new members to the site. This is not a monthly target, however, and from day one you'll be building towards the 200 member target.

Paddy Power
Something that completely threw me while I was signing up with Paddy Power's affiliate scheme was that they request an IBAN and SWIFT/BIC code. After some digging around on Google, I eventually discovered that these are list at the top of your bank statement, usually alongside your address. These codes basically allow money to be more easily transferred between European bank accounts. Paddy Power is, of course, based in Ireland, so they require these codes to more smoothly transfer cash to UK bank accounts.

For the Sports category - again, the only one really relevant to my blog - Paddy Power offer a flat rate of 25% commission on your referrals, and they also allow you to entice customers to their site with a free £10 bet offer.

William Hill
William Hill offer both Revenue Share and CPA (cost per acquisition) incentives. Revenue Share will give you a whopping 45% share of revenue if you hit the top level of 301 referrals, but the base rate of 12.5% is a bit lower than some of the others.

William Hill also offer you commission for referring other affiliates! I'm not sure if any of the others actually offer it, but I haven't noticed that information on any of their sites.

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