Monday, 10 January 2011

Making Money From Home

Hello all! I've decided that, with a new year having just gotten underway, I'm going to start making a real concerted effort to make some money online. I've decided to create this blog detailing my attempts and strategies, plus any tips I pick up, because telling other people how to make money themselves is probably the most profitable form of blogging there is.

I graduated from a very good university about a year and a half ago with a 2.1 in English and Film Studies. Since then, I've struggled to find anything that could possibly be considered a 'good job'. Whilst working in a number of monotonous, mind-melting call centre and sales positions, I've began making steps towards making money online. As you can probably guess from my degree choice, I harbor dreams of working as a professional writer/filmmaker. I'm not too shabby at throwing a sentence together and using the internet to make money from this seems all the more attractive after experiencing the low-paid and slightly soul-destroying world of the call centre.

I've been writing articles at Constant Content for a number of months. I've had some good months and some bad. The money I was making from Constant Content was great as an extra top-up when I was working full time, but I've come to realize that it is extremely difficult to make anything close to a decent wage through selling articles on that site alone. I've thought about the people who've been buying my articles there and it's obvious that they must be making enough money from their own web sites to justify spending money on content that I've created. If they can do it, then surely I can manage it as well?

That's what I hope to discover right here on this blog.

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