Monday, 10 January 2011

Triond: How to Become an Internet Millionaire, One Penny at a Time

Triond was one of the first web sites I looked at as a possible route to internet monies. Having earned a grand sum of $0.36 to date from several articles, none of which I banged out particularly quickly, I'd pretty much given up on it as ever being a remotely reliable source of internet income. I logged on today to basically bang together an explanation for why it is nearly impossible to generate any sort of money on the site. Then I looked at the stats and thought about giving it another go.

What's caused this reconsideration is that I see I've had one click come through today on a throwaway movie review I wrote for Sly Stallone's superstar action-a-thon The Expendables. The source of this traffic was a Google search for 'stone cold vs randy couture'. I performed the same Google search and was surprised to discover what I'd written was high up on the first page of results. What this suggests to me is that if you produce an absolute ton of content geared towards random search terms such as, especially if that content is provocatively titled, you may well have a way to generate some monies.

That being said, this article has generated for me a great total of 7 page views, a number of which were probably by me. Thus far, it's earned me $0.01. Bear in mind that I live in Britain - the article has so far earned me less than a penny.

The most any individual article has so far made for me is a YouTube-powered trawl through Eminem's career: 38 views for a grand total of $0.12.

There are some Triond success stories. Chief amongst them is Mnofdichotomy. He has himself posted a number of articles detailing his own approach to generating money from Triond. Consider he's probably literally made a million times what I have off Triond, if you happen to be considering attempting to make your monies at Triond, you'd do well to check out what he's written on the subject.

Mnofdichotomy's most popular articles seem to be celebrity death hoaxes. He also seems to have attracted a lot of traffic to articles that hit on popular search terms, including a particularly funny article which purports to be a strategy guide for Facebook game FarmVille, which mid-way through turns into a rant at the reader to stop playing that stupid game and get a life.

Mnofdichotomy is, funnily enough, a dichotomy of Triond's greatest strength and weakness: it's a social networking site designed to connect people, like me, desperately trying to make a fast buck on the internet. The very nature of the site demands quantity over quality, a strategy that I'm now going to attempt to pursue with zeal. It is blogging at its most pathetic, its most mercenary, its most desperate. It might well transpire than Triond is equally a place for blogging at its most profitable.

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